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When it comes to executive search for specialists in IT, Hoppeexecutivesearch is what are you looking for.

Who we are

We are a IT recruitment agency, the first and only specialized in computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning in the Netherlands.
We provide talent at academic level. Some have a master’s level degree, but first and foremost we provide talent at Doctorate or Post-Doctorate level.
All of our candidates stay at the forefront of development through participation at professional seminars such as ECCV or peer-review publications, posters & papers.

What we do

If you are looking for a permanent professional to boost your business ahead, our network contains professional people with doctorate degrees and highly distinguished IT certificate holders, who are ambitious and experts in their fields.

We are taking the burden of looking for qualified people from you, where you can get the optimum use from our network and data base to provide your business with appropriate candidates. Out of our professional network, we work with a selected list of highly targeted and international candidates.

Fasted paced tech changes

We are adopting the fast-paced changes in machine learning and deep learning fields.

Remain leading

We are expanding our vision to obtain more share in the corporate research market, as well as startups, through applying tested and sustainable approaches and criterias in executive recruitment.
Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning fields are leading fields in the tech space nowadays, due to its importance and sophistication.

At Hoppeexecutivesearch we know the importance of finding the right candidate to fit the right position, we work with a wide range of clients; business partners and candidates to bring a stable long-term working relationship for all parties.

Areas of specialisation

We are adopting the fast-paced changes in machine learning and deep learning fields.

Stay ahead

One of the ways in which we ensure candidates that meet the criteria of our international corporate clients is by surveying the status and developments in the top-tier academic institutes and professors.

Besides our focus on Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Deep Learning, we also provide talent in:
– mechanical engineering and signalling;
– robotics; and
– data-driven artificial intelligence.

Ahead of the game

It is not hard to be on the leading edge....

Stay ahead